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Residential Painting Services With Our Painters in Diablo, CA

A residential painting project can get out of hand quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Using the wrong paint for the wall material can result in a bad-looking paint job that won’t last as long as it should. Here in Diablo, CA, the summers can get rough, and the sun can do quite a number on your home’s exterior paint.

Barbour Painting provides the best residential internal and external painting services in the Bay Area. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find a color scheme for your home that gives it the mood and energy you’re looking for while using the best paint for your walls that will last and look great for years. We can also help you choose a paint type and color that won’t fade or wash out under the brutal California sun.

No Diablo painter can handle a residential paint job better than Barbour Painting.

Commercial Painting Services in Diablo, CA

Business owners all over the country know that a first impression can make or break a professional relationship—and the businesses in Diablo, CA, are no different. If your building’s facade looks faded, uncared for, or dirty, potential clients may take their business elsewhere.

Barbour Painting knows how to handle big commercial painting jobs without disrupting the inner workings of the businesses. Our team has the experience necessary to tackle the obstacles with larger projects without extending the timeline and hindering your work. We can make your building look fresh and vibrant while you continue growing your enterprise.



Rick Andrews

We hired Barbour Painting to paint the interior of our home in Montecito. Aaron Barbour takes a lot of pride in his work and provides great detail and high quality work. Aaron worked with us on color selections and was on the job with his his crew during the entire process to make certain that we were 100% satisfied with his teams work


Ann Young

Aaron and his team are great painters. They care about the quality of the work and are also really nice, honest, and go above and beyond. I highly recommend them. We are thrilled with their work and would only hire them if we ever needed another painter in the future.


John Hall

Outstanding in every respect. Very professional, great workers, excellent with color selection. Could not be happier with Aaron and his crew.

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