The Moraga Painter You Can Trust

An Elite Moraga Painter When You Need Them

Don’t settle for less when you need a Moraga painter, regardless of the paint project. Whether you need to touch up your home’s siding or completely revitalize your business, our local painting contractors are here. 

From the initial phone call to completing your project, we always aim to give our clients the best service possible. Our local painting contractors bring years of experience and the best tools, providing top-notch painting jobs to Moraga, CA residents and businesses at competitive pricing.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Painting Companies

Barbour Painting stands tall against the competition for the following reasons:

A commitment to customer satisfaction

We value the relationships we forge with every customer. We also know every project is different, meaning we create customized solutions when painting your home or business.

Our project versatility

Painting your home exterior requires different skills than painting its interior. In addition, a painting contractor needs to take extra care of businesses. We work with various clients, including missionary work in Mexico.

A completely transparent process

Our team values honesty and integrity, and we're transparent throughout the process. This transparency means constant communication, free estimates with no hidden fees, and recommendations from our expert team.

The Many Services We Offer

Barbour Painting provides many painting services to Moraga, CA, and the Bay Area:

Color Consultant

Unlike other painting companies, our services don’t end with painting your walls. Instead, being masters of our craft, we provide a color consultation service. 

Finding the right one for your home or business remains challenging with so many colors available. Our interior designers can offer suggestions after touring your home or business. 

We can recommend neutral colors that blend in or explosive colors that stand out. We can also start from scratch if you need help determining your home needs. 

Interior and Exterior Home Painting With a Dependable Moraga Painter

Our team uses the best paints, finishers, and primers for your home exterior and interior. We can handle all of your interior rooms, including: 

Our expert interior painting service includes painting your cabinets, high ceilings, stairs, and more. 

For exterior painting, we specialize in many areas:

During this process, our team protects your windows and other exterior elements. 

Commercial Painting

Commercial buildings see more action than residential buildings. Unfortunately, this means the paint on commercial buildings fades and wears down quicker. 

You can hire a local Moraga painter to paint your building as needed. Additionally, we can regularly provide touch-up services to prevent issues like fading or peeling. No business is too small or massive for one of our Moraga painters to handle.