How to Find the the Right Home Painting Contractor

According to House Grail, after painting a room inside their home, 88% of the people surveyed have a greater desire to spend more time at home. If you’re ready for a fresh coat of paint in your house, the first step is to find the right painter. Keep reading to find out more about a few ways to find the right painter for your project.

Ask Around

Whether it’s an internet search or asking colleagues around the water cooler, the first step to finding a great painting contractor is research. If you happen to know someone who works in the home improvement business, be sure to use them as a trusted resource. They’ll let you know which contractors are wonderful to work with and which should be avoided. Once you’ve done your homework, you should end up with a list of contractors that includes between three and five options.

Review Estimates and References

Now that you have your list of potential contractors, it’s time to meet them. Schedule a consultation to review your project with potential painters in person. This will help you get a better feel for them and if you think they’re a good prospect. At this meeting, you’ll also want to ask for references. By the time you receive their estimates, you should have a pretty good idea of who you want to move forward with. When comparing estimates, be sure to look at the details, and remember that just because a contractor is the least expensive, it doesn’t make them the best choice.

Compare Contracts and Warranties

Now that you’re down to two or so options, it’s time to compare contracts and warranties. As much as you think you and the contractor agree on everything, it’s best to have everything spelled out very clearly in the contract. This will help you to avoid any future disagreements or confusion if things start to run off course. As much as we’d all love to do business with a handshake to seal the deal, that’s just not realistic in today’s world. This is also the time to look over the offered warranties.

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