7 Common Cabinet Painting FAQs

When you’ve invested in custom cabinets, you’ll be able to enjoy them for decades. According to This Old House, 50 years is the expected lifespan of kitchen cabinets. One drawback to this longevity is that you might get tired of their appearance well before they need to be replaced. This is one reason why cabinet painters are so in demand.

Painted cabinets offer a lot of flexibility and color choices. It’s a look that works well with just about every design style, both traditional and contemporary, and it’s an effective way to update your cabinets without having to replace them. If you’re tired of your cabinets, but they’re still in great shape, you’ll want to consider having them painted. Many homeowners have some questions about cabinet painting and aren’t sure if it’s right for them. Here are answers for some of the most common FAQs related to painting your cabinets.

1. Is a Special Paint Used for Cabinet Painting?

Because your cabinets withstand a lot of wear and tear, cabinet painters use acrylic latex-based paint and alkyd paints that have either no, or very low VOC content. This paint will be able to stand up to all the activity that happens in your kitchen. It’s important that a high-quality and very durable paint is used.

2. What Colors Are Available?

Cabinet painters can use whichever color of paint you want. Some of the most popular colors include white, black, brown, and dark blue. The ability to paint your cabinets any color you like is another reason that this is such a popular remodeling technique. If you’re redoing your entire kitchen, or just want to update the look of your cabinets, you’ll have the options you need to obtain the look you desire.

Design websites have a lot of examples of painted cabinets as they’re becoming more and more popular. Don’t underestimate the transformative effect they’ll have on the overall look of your kitchen. Cabinets account for a lot of real estate in your kitchen, and any improvements you make to them add a lot of visual appeal.

3. How Long Does the Painting Process Take?

The answer to this question depends on a few different variables. The first is how much prep work is required, how many cabinets you’re having painted, and how many coats of paint you want. An experienced cabinet painter will likely need a week or slightly longer to complete the job. This is a project that takes time. You don’t want the process to be rushed as the quality of the job will be negatively affected.

If you’re concerned about the disruption the process will cause to your daily routine because you have a lot of cabinets, ask your painter if it’s possible to do the painting in sections. This will allow you to spread out the process over a longer period of time with potential breaks scheduled into the process.

4. How Do I Prep for the Project?

Your contractor will take care of the majority of the prep work. You’ll need to remove everything from your cabinets and make sure that your counters are clear. The more thorough you are with your preparation, the quicker the work can begin and the sooner you’ll be enjoying your refreshed cabinets!

Open and strong communication with your contractor is important. Once you decide to go forward with the painting, you’ll want to confirm the timeline for the work, including the start date and time as well as an estimated date of completion. When you get this information, they’ll also let you know what prep work you need to complete. If the topic doesn’t come up, don’t be afraid to ask.

5. Does the Painting Happen Off-Site or in My Home?

There are two ways to tackle cabinet painting. The entire system can be removed and taken off-site for painting. Or, your painter can remove the doors and hinges and paint your cabinet boxes while they’re still in place. This decision can be made based on your preference or if there’s a reason why the cabinets can’t be painted in place, usually due to where they’re situated. Your painter can choose to paint the doors at their shop or on your property. This is a discussion that will take place before the work begins, so you’ll know what to expect.

The hinges and hardware will also need to be removed as part of the process. These can be taken to the contractor’s site or done at your home. Your contractor will set up an area on your property where they’ll handle any prep work as well as the painting. Many homeowners prefer to have the work done on-site because they feel that it saves time. Others want the work done off-site to minimize any disruption.

6. Do I Need to Change the Way I Care for My Cabinets After They’re Painted?

Painted cabinets don’t require any special treatment. You can clean them the same way you did before they were painted. One thing to discuss with your contractor is UV protection. If there are certain cabinets that receive more direct sunlight than others, you’ll want to make sure they’re protected. Fortunately, there are paints that provide protection from UV rays. This will prevent any cabinets from fading and creating a situation where they all don’t match. Ask your contractor about using this paint if you’re concerned about fading and UV protection.

Moisture can also speed the deterioration of paint, so you’ll want to protect against it. Be sure to use your hood while cooking, and clean up any spills or splashes as they occur. Good ventilation in your kitchen is also a plus. If you begin to notice a moisture problem, consider adding a dehumidifier to the space to keep the level of moisture at a minimum.

7. Will I Need to Have Them Repainted Regularly?

No. When your cabinets are painted by a professional, you won’t need to worry about having them repainted for several years. Make sure that the right number of coats are applied and a clear, protective coat is added at the end of the process. As long as you take good care and keep your cabinets clean, repainting on a regular basis won’t be necessary. In fact, you might end up painting them again as part of a future remodeling project before they need to be repainted.

We hope that these FAQs and their answers help you better understand the benefits of painted cabinets. It’s an effective tool for updating the look and feel of your kitchen. It doesn’t take a long time to complete the painting, and there’s a lot less disruption than if you were to have new cabinets installed. Now’s an ideal time to find out more and decide if a cabinet repainting project is right for your kitchen.

If you’re ready to update the appearance of your kitchen cabinets, now is an ideal time to do so. Our team of professional cabinet painters will help you achieve the look you want and transform your kitchen. Contact Barbour Painting today to learn more about our services and to get an estimate for your project. We want you to love your cabinets again!