5 Paint Colors That Will Spruce up Your Living Space

Are you considering selling your home soon? Then you might want to consider a fresh coat of paint! According to House Grail, fresh and natural colors make a home feel larger, and neutral colors help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space.

Even if you’re not selling your home and are just looking for a refresh, you’ll need to consider what color to go with. After all, the color of the walls has a large effect on how a space feels! Keep reading to learn about a few color options that can help your home feel brand new.

1. Earthy Ochre

An interior painter might recommend an earthy ochre color for those hoping to paint their walls a neutral, darker tone. This sandy color, a shade of warm, gold-tinged brown, is the perfect accent wall for a kitchen, where it echoes the colors of granite countertops. It can also create a relaxed feel in a living room.

2. Dark Blue

The perfect accent wall color for living spaces, a dark blue wall can make the other three walls pop. If you choose to have an interior painter use dark blue for your accent wall, you’ll notice that your room feels bigger than it did before! Dark blue also helps to bring an ocean vibe into your living room, so you can stick to nautical decor to really showcase your new accent wall.

3. Pale Blue

If dark blue represents the ocean, pale blue can suggest the sky of a sunny day. Your use of this soothing color is perfect for bedrooms, as it helps create the feeling of rest. Ask an interior painter for their opinion of blue in your space.

4. Charcoal Black

Charcoal black, or charcoal gray, is a beautiful accent color. Though far too strong to be the main wall color, this color can be used in many ways. A half-wall of charcoal black will make bright colors in the rest of the space pop more assertively.

5. Light Green

Suggesting the fingers of sunlight filtering through a forest, light green is a great option for a woodland home’s walls. As a primary wall color, this can brighten a room on three or four walls, but it’s usually too pale to serve as an accent wall color.

These colors are just a small sampling of the choices that dominate modern interior design. With biophilic designs that reflect nature now popular, colors that also suggest nature are the perfect complement to the look of your indoor hideaway. If you have questions about your interior design options, call us at Barbour Painting today and schedule a free, no-obligation design consultation with an interior design specialist.