4 Benefits Newly Painted Cabinets Bring to a Kitchen

Are your kitchen cabinets in need of a new look? If your cabinets are in good condition, there’s no need to remove them and install new ones. Hiring local cabinet painters is an excellent way to give your kitchen the upgrade it needs. Let’s review some of the benefits of newly painted cabinets.

1. Give Your Kitchen a New Look

According to Zippia, more than half of American homes were built before 1980. If you still have cabinets from that era, you may want to give them a new look without removing them. Painting your cabinets can get the ball rolling on creating a new kitchen theme that can energize the space. Then, you may also wish to consider additional upgrades like painting your walls.

2. Increase Your Cabinets’ Lifespan

Well-maintained cabinets can last for a long time. According to This Old House, kitchen cabinets should last about 50 years. When you hire professional cabinet painters, they’ll use durable, high-quality paint, and this will help protect your cabinets for the long term.

3. Change the Mood of Your Kitchen

As color theory explains, different hues can have different effects on your mood. No matter what type of mood you want your kitchen to have, professional cabinet painters can help you find the right colors to achieve it. They can create a sense of serenity by using blue or purple, or they can use white to make your kitchen feel bigger and more open. If you want to energize your kitchen, painting your cabinets with bold colors can help. There are many different paint colors available, so don’t hesitate to ask which options would be best for your space.

4. Keep Your Kitchen in Use

The kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in a home. Installing new cabinets is a process that can take weeks, as you must remove the existing ones and build new ones. However, when you hire cabinet painters to work their magic, they can do so in a much shorter timeframe, enabling you to resume using your kitchen quickly.

With so many color options available, local cabinet painters can easily breathe new life into your kitchen. They can completely change the overall look and feel of the space and help protect your existing cabinets. If you’re interested in the benefits of newly painted kitchen cabinets, contact Barbour Painting today.